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Why Sunset?


The staff at Sunset School works hard to provide the best for every student academically.  Students receive targeted intervention and acceleration through the Universal Access Program. Other Sunset programs that contribute to student success are: the Daily 5 Reading Program, Accelerated Reader and the school-wide Renaissance program, which recognizes and celebrates the success of students on a daily basis.


Sunset students enjoy two brand new state-of-the-art 40 station computer labs.  Our goal is to expose students to various types of technology during their years at Sunset.  Each classroom has computers for students’ use.  Students also have access to smart boards, tablets for reading, laptop carts, chrome books and iPads for instructional purposes. 


Parents and community members are welcome on the Sunset campus.  There are numerous ways to be a part of the school day and work alongside staff and support students.  Throughout the year, there are various school events that are well attended by Sunset families and the community as a whole.  Don’t miss the Sunset Mexican Fiesta in the fall or the Family Fun Festival in the spring!  Find out more at


There are multiple opportunities for students to be leaders and mentors on our campus! Some examples of Leadership in action are; Student Council, the “Big Buddies” program, Garden Club, Sunset Cross Country Team and community service opportunities.  Leadership is explicitly taught at Sunset School K-8 and students have various opportunities to learn and demonstrate their leadership skills!

Whole Child!

Students have various opportunities to learn inside and outside of the classroom!  Some of the offerings that are alive and well include: various field trips (including visiting multiple college campuses during the middle school years), assemblies, Art Trek program, Farmer in the Classroom, Sunset school garden and outdoor classroom, a new campus Science lab and equipment, and the VUSD music program.