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Pickup & Dropoff Traffic

We want to ensure students are safe! Please follow these simple rules when dropping off your student: Traffic is “one way” only on campus. Please be extra careful during pick-up/drop-off of students. The yellow striped drop off lane is single file for cars.  Please do not attempt to pass on the left between the drop off line and cars parked in the school lot.  When in the drop off lane, please never block the crosswalk into campus with your car.  The crosswalk must always remain open. Parents may also drop students off by the school sign. The drop off lane is for dropping off only.  If you need to talk to your student or organize a back pack please park on the street and be prepared before entering the drop off lane. The bus lane is for busses only, PLEASE do not enter (this also protects the students as they cross in the walkway to campus).